Shungite Spheres – Matt Or Polished Surface


Shungite spheres come in polished and unpolished surfaces. Spheres offer a calm protective energy and are ideal for placing in your bedroom or quiet spaces.

A base plate made of shungite to hold your sphere in place on a surface is supplied.

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Shungite spheres offer (EMF) Electro Magnetic Frequency Radiation protection. They cover a radius from 1.5 metres to 20 metres dependent upon the size of the sphere.
Shungite spheres offer a larger zone of influence than a pyramid the next most protective shape in shungite pieces.
Spheres are ideal shapes for the bedroom or for a living space where you desire the energy to be calm and protected.

The sphere sizes:
40mm – offers 1.5metres influence and protection
80mm – offers 2.5 metres influence and protection
100mm – offers 12 metres influence and protection
200mm – offers 20 metre zone of influence and protection ( this size is made to order)

Choose from either a polished or matt surface to the black shungite piece for your home or car.

The matt unpolished surface of the shungite sphere has a light black color. This surface is rough to the touch and looks natural. On such surfaces inclusions of Pyrite and Quartzite in the form of veins are well distinguished and very beautiful. These minerals are integral companions of this rare black mineral we know as shungite.
The polished surface of the spheres is a glossy black colour. Learn more about the shapes of the shungite pieces and how that affects their EMF protective and grounding qualities here.

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40mm, 80mm, 100mm, 200mm