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Shungite - a cosmic gift that has been waiting 2.2 billion years to be re-found

Shungite can be consumed orally as shungite (Fullerene) water or in powder form. It can be applied topically via shungite water or paste. It bonds with, encapsulates and transmutes toxic materials including heavy metals, chemicals, volatile organic compounds, drugs, chlorine, fluoride, and radioactive isotopes. Shungite kills a variety of bacteria, viruses, phages & pathogens and is known for its ability to absorb & transmute dangerous frequencies radiating from electronic devices, mobile & wireless devices, communication towers & dirty electricity. Wear shungite as powerful protective jewellery or place decorative items in your home or workplace to protect you & balance your bio-energetic fields. Clinical testing & peer reviewed studies reveal a long list of potential health benefits.

We sell decorative shungite home-wares and jewellery items for EMF protection, shungite stones for making therapeutic shungite / fullerene water, and shungite powder for personal detox and improved garden and plant health.

Our logo incorporates the  C60 Fullerene molecule also known as a  'Buckyball". This is what makes shungite so special and unique and gives it so many amazing properties.

C60 has 60 carbon atoms and no other atoms so is pure carbon. It was long believed that pure carbon existed only in two forms, diamond and graphite. In 1985, a new form of pure carbon was discovered - a form with a remarkable structure. Diamond, graphite and C60 are all made of pure carbon. The only difference is the structure. Diamond is carbon in a tetrahedral form - the tightest, most compact structure possible and therefore the hardest substance known. Graphite has layered hexagonal planes not unlike a hexagonal tiled floor with layer upon layer of tiles on top into the millions.

C60 - the third form of carbon - has a structure similar to the hexagonal plane of graphite however the carbon atoms in C60 are arranged in a combination of hexagons and pentagons, exactly like a soccer ball so are more 3 dimensional. When there are 60 carbon atoms, the spherical shape closes itself off to create a form exactly like a soccer ball. This structure is called a Bucky Ball or a Fullerene, also known as C60.

Shungite water or shungite oil containing Fullerenes can mitigate and neutralise the effects of many of the more poisonous and toxic ingredients of the so called vaccines. We believe that shungite water will help in detoxing the vaccinated and help protect against the effects of shedding. Daily regular detoxing can help protect from the effects of general environmental toxins and shungite should be routine.

Fullerenes are able to trap free radicals (80 times better than activated charcoal as a free radical scavenger) generated during an allergic reaction and block the inflammation that results from an allergic reaction.

The antioxidant properties of Fullerenes can fight the deterioration of motor function due to multiple sclerosis. Fullerenes store hydrogen and in shungite water add hydrogen molecules.

Shungite stops the growth of bacteria in pipes and membranes in water systems. Researchers think that Fullerenes can inhibit the spread of the HIV virus.

A fullerene under electron microscope

Shungite neutralises a significant number of toxins as it holds a massive quantity of hydrogen, also making it very effective for water purification.
Shungite can be consumed orally or applied topically both via shungite water. It bonds & encapsulates materials including chemicals, volatile organic compounds, drugs, chlorine, fluoride, and radioactive particles. It kills a variety of bacteria, viruses, phages & pathogens.

Shungite aids in treatment of osteoarthritis., respiratory tract infections, diabetes, gastrointestinal conditions, skin conditions such as psoriasis and faster recovery for cancer patients following radiation therapy (3 weeks versus 4 months). A drop in liver inflammation in hepatitis patients drinking Fullerene water has been documented.

Clinical testing and subsequent peer reviewed studies have revealed a long list of potential health benefits as outlined below:

  • neutralises toxins
  • purifies water
  • increases hydrogen
  • anti-inflammatory
  • massive free radical scavenging
  • powerful antioxidant
  • antibacterial / anti viral properties
  • antihistamine • anti-carcinogenic
  • treat respiratory tract infection
  • diabetes treatment
  • aids in treating osteoarthritis.
  • treat gastrointestinal conditions
  • treat radiation poisoning
  • detox from vaxx ingredients
  • pain reliever
  • immune booster
  • enable faster healing & new tissue
  • protection from ionising radiation
  • protection from non-ionising radiation
  • protection from EMF /EMR
  • reduces geopathic stress
  • enhanced detoxification
  • lower blood pressure
  • helps treat psoriasis
  • reduced liver inflammation (hepatitis)
  • increase plant growth
  • improve animal & insect health
  • detox from chemicals
  • reduce cellular damage

EMF Testing Sunshine Coast

We test for EMR and EMF (electromagnetic radiation & electromagnetic field) and electro pollution exposure.

Electromagnetic sensitivity can trigger allergies and physical responses such as reflexive avoidance (moving away from the source).  Thermal increase from device proximity (mobile phones, laptops, tablets) indicates radiation as a rise in temperature.

EMR and EMF is invisible to humans and for most of us it is not easily detectable unless its in the form of or manifests as an illness or disease.

Common effects of exposure to (EMF EMR) radiation include:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • brain fog
  • headache/migraine
  • chronic fatigue
  • insomnia
  • various cancers.

If your home or workplace radiation levels are above what are considered to be safe you should take serious action to lower EMF / EMR exposure. There are a number of things you can do to achieve optimal health - we certainly suggest adding shungite to your life. Once we test your environment we can provide a baseline to work from. We may be able to make some practical suggestions, both general and specific, to help you and your family.

Children are particularly to susceptible to illness bought on or triggered by radiation proximity as their cell replication is more rapid than that of adults.

Visit https://emf.report to book an EMF test and report on the Sunshine Coast (QLD) or call 0452 535 002 to make a booking.

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