Shungite Pendants – Polished Classic Shungite in Various Shapes & Forms


All pieces are handcut from classic or black shungite that is polished and cut by our team from Keralia in Russia. All pieces are certified to be of true origin and a combination of shungite, with veins of quartz and pyrite, The veins can best be seen in unpolished or matt form.

Please enquire if you would like a custom piece and we shall do our best to source it if its possible. Some fine forms are not possible due to the fragility of the shungite mineral.

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Enjoy a variety of pendants cut and polished in a range of shapes and sizes in delicate or bold forms. Choose from the merkaba star, the crystal cut, the small heart on a clip or the large heart, a butterfly wing or a pebble, the call to movement, freedom, the large rod that we call Thor’s rod or Rod of Protection, or the rounded forms known as chakra or day and night made as cut out rounded designs. You’ll love the range and may find it hard to choose! In this case by two!
These pendants provide up to 2 metre radius protection from EMF to the wearer.

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Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 3 cm

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