Shungite Collar Tags for Dogs & Cats & Horses


These shungite tags for dogs, cats and horses have a key-ring fastening so you can easily attach the tag to your pets collar. The ring is strong and will withstand most activities. The tag is made of classic black shungite and although strong is not immune to damage so some care is recommended.

Our Quality Guarantee for our shungite
Please note that only genuine Shungite from the Republic of Karelia in Russia has such abilities. There is no other source of quality shungite on our planet.  We only sell genuine shungite from the mines of Karelia. See our shungite certification documents here to be sure we are selling the very best quality to you. You can test your shungite for electrical conductivity using a power meter. If it is conductive its real shungite.

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Protect your pet from Radiation with a shungite tag for their collar.

Providing a 1.5meter radius of protection, the shungite transmutes radiation and pushes away the harmful radiation waves that will normally be absorbed by your pet.

Your dog or cat or even horse will be grateful for the EMF protection provided by a shungite tag upon their collar. Shungite transmutes the radiation coming toward your animal in the same way that it protects you from radiation. Simply place the shungite tag on your animals collar and breathe easy knowing they are protected too.

Do mammals such as dogs, cats and horses feel the impacts of radiation?

In an experiment on mice in Greece, it was already shown in 1997 that mice become completely infertile within 3 generations with permanent irradiation of only 1/30th of the German limit values (Magras and Xenos 1997).

In a study by the US National Toxicology Program (NTP), 360 rats were irradiated with mobile phone frequencies for life (Wyde et al. 2018). At the Ramazzini Institute (Falcioni et al. 2018), more than 2000 rats were irradiated for 2 years each. Here, too, the limit values were adhered to, thus creating situations to which we humans are also exposed. In both studies, there was clear evidence of an increase in malignant tumours in the group of irradiated animals.

After a mobile phone antenna was installed on the barn, there was a 3.5-fold increase in severe cataracts of the eyes in a Swiss cattle farm compared to the time before,
also known as (the German) “Grauer Star” (Hässig et al. 2009).

In a German farm (Buchner et al. 2014), problems arose in pig breeding after the installation of a mobile phone base station in 2009. The number of litters and piglets decreased significantly, while the number of malformations increased. A connection with infectious diseases could not be established. The authors attribute the breeding problems to electromagnetic fields.

There are many mechanisms by which electromagnetic radiation can harm living organisms. In the field of animals, it may be that sensory organs for electromagnetism (such as those possessed by bees, birds, whales and dolphins) perceive the technical radiation directly or are disturbed by it, and the animals thus lose their orientation.

Another reason can be that certain parts of the body begin to resonate and thus can no longer fulfil their functions. Extreme heat can develop, which can lead to the coagulation of proteins and thus to damage and even death. Another possible cause is that certain organs or functions that are controlled via the nervous system with the help of electrical charges and voltages are activated or deactivated by the technical frequencies, such as the blood-brain barrier or the calcium channels of the cells.

The latter calcium channels are a key to understanding how harmful technical radiation is. Under radiation stress, the cells can no longer close these channels and calcium ions flow (Yakymenko et al. 2016; Pall 2018) uncontrollably into the cells.

This leads to a chemical chain reaction that produces oxidative stress and free radicals, especially peroxinitrite. This leads to damage to other cells, molecules, metabolic processes and even genetic damage, which can also cause cancer. Since the cells of all living things, animals, insects, humans and plants, have calcium channels, this damage also occurs in all living things. Even if these effects were to occur on a small scale, they always lead to physical stress, which in the long run makes people ill, affects repair mechanisms and thereby reduces the body’s defence against diseases and other harmful influences.
As long as the body can repair the damage caused during the resting phase, Whilst you sleep, it is still possible to live with radiation exposure to some extent. However, if radiation exposure is constantly present, also during the resting and sleeping phases, or if these phases cannot take place to a sufficient extent for other reasons, symptoms and diseases will inevitably develop at some point. This is why we need radiation free zones to rest within. Placing shungite in your bedroom and removing all routers, and mobile phones and any other EMF emitting devices from your bedroom is vital.

Against the background of insect mortality and the rapidly advancing loss of biodiversity (Cardinale et al. 2012), far too little attention is paid to the influence of electromagnetic fields on animals and plants in the wild. It is only by considering the harmful effects of radiation in combination with the effects of pesticides, genetic engineering, habitat loss, light pollution, climatic changes,  man made geo-engineering that is causing major climate changes, disease and other factors that we understand why so many species of animals and plants are dying out so quickly on this planet.

It is not enough to take care of just one of the factors and reduce the stresses caused by it, something has to change in all areas, especially in the area of radiation exposure. 5G will further exacerbate the problem and must therefore be stopped immediately.

This information comes from The World Foundation for Natural Science in its efforts to reduce mobile phone radiation and replace it with harmless technologies, so that natural and healthy life is possible again in the animal and plant world. Share this article and your knowledge with your fellow human beings and support us in an effort to reduce radiation across the planet.