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Shungite and crystal beaded bracelets are made with beautiful healing crystal beads including amethyst, jasper, aventurine, clear & rose quartz, and shungite all 10mm beads, hand threaded onto elastic thread.

Combine this bracelet with any other of your favourite pieces to benefit from shungite’s EMF protection.
These companion crystals were chosen for their grounding attributes to sit gently with the shungite and help you ground yourself.

Wear the bracelets to meditate and enjoy their beauty throughout your day whilst enjoying EMF protection.

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Why wear Shungite & Crystal Beaded Bracelets?
Shungite is now the go-to stone for electromagnetic field (EMF) protection, purification, and detoxification of the body, as well as general healing and emotional well being. Everyone who knows about shungite wears it daily in as many ways as possible be it a necklace, bracelets on both wrists, a ring or earrings. We offer all of these shungite pieces for you to enjoy.

In this beautiful bracelet we have combined shungite with precious healing gemstones to enhance and balance shungite’s effects upon your body and mind. Our range includes 10mm aventurine, jasper, amethyst, lapis lazuli, clear quartz  and rose quartz beads together with shungite beads to make exquisite beaded bracelets to be worn on a daily basis for EMF protection.

How to Wear Your Shungite & Crystal Combination Bracelets:

We have combined shungite on all of our crystal bead bracelets so that everyone who wears one benefits from the EMF and Radiation protection that shungite provides.  Secondly shungite then benefits all of the other crystals on the bracelet by purifying the crystals by its closeness to the other stones. Shungite does not need cleansing and in fact can be used in tile form to cleanse other crystals. simply place crystals in a grid format or as a collection on a shungite tile to cleanse your crystals whilst in your home.

Wearing Shungite bracelets  on the left wrist can be very effective for blood flow and stress functionality and management.
 As the blood flows through your left hand, it grazes the natural energy of the Shungite. The concentration of fullerenes in the Shungite interact with your normal body chemistry as the blood goes through your hand and returns to the brain. It carries with it some carbonate type helpers which go into different parts of your cerebral system improving the Alpha, and Beta energy that is produced. This in turn causes a chain reaction in the left side of your brain triggering memory restoration in some people.

On the right wrist, the alpha and gamma centers of your brain are affected in a positive manner through simple continued wearing of the Shungite bracelet. This enables the energy of your brain to be energized. Your libido and stamina are enhanced, as well as  your eye site.

On either wrist, the cerebellum is helped because it is somewhat the controller of the central nerve system. Each nerve ending begins and ends at these parts of the body. The pulse gets energized, and the effects of fullerenes become more apparent when it does.

If Shungite bracelets are worn on both wrists, it would be comparable to having a closed electrical current, that will constantly energize and strengthen all parts of your body.

Shungite provides Radiation Protection –  EMF Waves Transmutation – Purification – Detox

Chakra: Root
Zodiac: Cancer, Scorpio, & Capricorn
Feng Shui: Elemental Water
Goddess: Isis

Uses: Known as the “Miracle Stone”. Shungite has been around for approximately 2.2 billion years, and the  Russians have been attracted to the stone for the last few thousand years, but it wasn’t until the 1996 Nobel Prize-winning research that discovered the antioxidant fullerenes (Carbon 60 shape) within the stone that people began to wake up to shungite’s healing potential.

We offer a range of combinations which are explained below:

Clear Quartz Combined with Shungite in a bracelet

Clear quartz stone is known amongst the esoteric community as the “master healer”. The healing properties of clear quartz span from immune system correction to pacification of actual pain.

When this stone is used to bring the immune system back into balance, there is relief delivered to each of one’s cells, along with a chance for regeneration. It is not unusual for concentration and memory to be improved in the process, as there is less physical strain within the body and thus a lightness of being. Adding shungite’s power for memory retention to this means quartz  & shungite are aiding in the boosting of your memory when work on the left wrist.

When the body is in physical pain, clear quartz can be used directly over the affected area to neutralize the charge. This can be anything from menstrual cramps, to a twisted ankle, to actual wounds or ailments that deliver debilitating pain to the individual. Wearing clear quartz as jewelry is a great way for those who live with chronic pain to experience the benefit of the stone throughout their day.

Aventurine Quartz Combined with Shungite in a bracelet

Aventurine has been chosen to combine with avenue of healing that green aventurine quartz crystal offers is that of wiping out electromagnetic pollution. EMFs, or electromagnetic frequencies, seeking to contaminate the human body which can leave lasting damage on tissue and organs. The aventurine will neutralize any sources of this kind of pollution, particularly those coming from laptops, televisions and WiFi routers in the home.  So combining this stone with shungite means you have two crystals working for you in EMF radiation protection and transmutation.

Another of the more powerful aventurine properties is the ability to diffuse negative emotions, particularly those that tend to hold the user back in life. In the process, it’s not unlikely that you’ll be met with the inclination to become more of a leader, as opposed to a follower. This may apply to the workspace, or to life in general.

Aventurine is an incredibly compassionate stone, and it wants you to see the world through the eyes of those whose shoes you’ll likely never walk in. There is a great sense of emotional calm available to all who begin work with this stone.

In addition to aventurine’s metaphysical properties, there are its physical healing properties. Amongst the healing properties of green aventurine, you’ll find this stone to be quite handy in settling nausea.

Aventurine is a heart-healing stone: one that seeks comfort for any cells that have become unbalanced due to unkind thoughts or unforgiveness. It is recommended that one wear this stone close to the heart chakra, or at any of the various pulse points such as those on your wrists, so its great in crystal beaded bracelets.


Lapis Lazuli beads combined with Shungite in a bracelet

Of all the many lapis lazuli effects, the health benefits are something many people still seek from the stone to this day. Lapis lazuli energy and powers have been known to strengthen the immune system in profound ways.

More than this, the stone is said to have the ability to purify the blood, lowering blood pressure in the process. When this happens, all areas of inflammation and irritation are soothed, and the human vessel is able to walk through life in a more efficient way.

Lapis may help with depression, insomnia and vertigo.

The magical properties of lapis lazuli are easy to tap into. This is a meditative and calming stone, and it holds an unwavering connection to psychic wisdom. Truth and integrity are the sole frequency of this stone, so it won’t be very long before you find yourself being driven to look in the mirror and face your innate truths.

Many wear lapis lazuli as a guard against potential psychic attacks, and it’s also great to keep close to your head whilst you sleep if you feel that your sleep patterns are being interjected by negative forces of any sort.

If you are seeking better alignment with the universal forces that are constantly at play, lapis lazuli will happily facilitate. As a bonus the shungite beads on the bracelet will serve to cleanse and purify the lapis lazuli on the bracelet.

Jasper combined with shungite in a bracelet

Jasper is a quartz crystal and is the dreamiest and loveliest shade of red with an opaque transparency. Apart from the deep red jasper colour, it is available in brown, magenta, pinkish-orange, and even yellow. We have combined a range of colours in our beaded bracelets to enhance the effects of the shungite. As a bonus the shungite beads on the bracelet will serve to cleanse and purify all of the other stones on the bracelet.

Jasper is believed to provide sanity and peace to a chaotic and troubled mind, which is why people often use it for meditation practices. It is also known to increase endurance for any kind of mental or physical challenge that one might have to face.

Red jasper is believed to have healing properties that take one’s mind away from all the negativity in our surroundings. It is believed to absorb the unharmonious vibrations and render courage, growth, and wisdom.

It may also heal any sort of trauma caused by negative effects in the past.

It is often called the endurance stone, as it is believed to help you maintain your focus and concentration on the task at hand. If you feel emotionally drained or are nearing burnout, this gem is believed to bring back your high spirits so you can resume your task again with full vigour.

Amethyst beads with shungite in a bracelet
The violet hues that appear in amethyst crystal are all thanks to a fascinating process of irradiation, as well as a number of impurities and contaminant metals that interject themselves into the formation process.

Amethyst is a form of quartz, so the purple occurs when the colour centers within this specific stone become influenced by external entities. For example, there are trace amounts of iron that are irradiated due to natural radiation that occurs within these rocks.

Iron that is irradiated has the ability to absorb certain wavelengths of light that regular rock would not. This specific wavelength happens to be on par with the colour purple, causing the respective refraction to occur in the amethyst stone.

The healing properties of amethyst are concerned with both the mind and physical body. Amethyst is known as a natural tranquiliser, and can bring a user into a full state of euphoric bliss even when stress is ripping through each of their cells.

Amethyst can help to stabilise mood swings and ease irritability, making one less inclined to fall into pits of rage when things start going south. Anxiety is also something that can be managed with amethyst crystal work.

If one is struggling with sadness and grief, amethyst can help a user in making the triggers of these emotions a thing of the past. Any tension headaches that arise because of this kind of strain will be brought back into balance for long term attainment of serenity.

Furthermore, amethyst is said to facilitate the balancing of hormones, and the prospect of weight loss in certain users. There is a detoxification that occurs throughout the entire body when amethyst stone is kept close by.

Amethyst works with the Crown Chakra

Within the human structure there exist 7 energy hubs known as the chakras. The high vibrating crystals found on Earth usually correlate to one or more specific chakra, and it is here that they are able to do their most profound work.

They do this by connecting to the ray energies, also known as the colour spectrum. The crown chakra, or 7th chakra, sits on the top of your head and is associated with the violet ray energy. It is here that amethyst stones tend to send their focus.

The crown chakra is our center for spirituality, and our doorway to the higher realms. All wisdom and universal consciousness is thought to enter and exit through the crown, and this is where we gain our sense of unity and connectedness to the world around us.

By working with the crown, amethyst stones are able to both purify and amplify all entering and exiting energies in this zone. Frequencies coming from higher planes will enter at the crown, and move down into the lower chakras, so it’s important that this hub be in prime functioning condition at all times.

The Benefits of Wearing Shungite

 Shungite has quickly become one of the most renowned healing stones that we should not  live without. Its energy is so powerful and the Shungite properties are so beneficial to our bodies, which is why we keep it close  to our bodies and wear it as jewellery on a daily basis. Shungite aids in balancing the chakras, protecting against electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) and harmonizing the body. Specifically, wearing Shungite creates a noticeable shift in your energy field by detoxifying the physical and energetic systems in your body.

We can choose to wear Shungite in the form of a necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings, depending on your intention and goal or your lifestyle. We believe every woman and man, girl and boy and dog should wear shungite! Its the diamond of the 21st century!

Why You Want to Be Wearing Shungite

Shungite To Balance your chakras and ground yourself

One of the most powerful effects of wearing Shungite is the way it helps to balance the chakras. The energy of the Shungite brings up thoughts and emotions that forces us to examine our beliefs, patterns and events in our lives that are causing us pain. It even physically detoxes areas associated with different chakras, which is why it is recommended to gradually experiment with wearing Shungite until you become accustomed to its energy. Wearing Shungite will not only make chakra healing more powerful, but it will also neutralize the energy being released from a blocked or overactive chakra. Neutralizing the energy will allow you to safely practice chakra healing and restore balance to the root chakra. This chakra centre is connected with your sense of security, your foundation and your financial life, so keeping it in balance is vital to your overall wellbeing. It is also said that if your root chakra is out of whack (as it is the base chakra), your entire chakra centre is off balance.

Shungite For EMF protection

Throughout the day, we are surrounded by technology, and our devices emit electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) that can have a negative impact on our well-being and health. The shungite fullerenes have the ability to harmonise the harmful energies and to minimise the effect these devices have on your energy field. Wearing a piece of Shungite allows you to carry the strong protective energies with you wherever you go, keeping you shielded from any harmful radiation  around you.

Shungite To clean up your energy field

One of the lesser-known Shungite healing properties is its ability to help you clear your energy. By removing and releasing unwanted or negative energies from your system, Shungite allows you to maintain a high energetic vibration and that is something we all need to do right now.

Did you know?
The discovery of fullerenes  in Shungite earned Robert F. Curl Jr., Sir Harold W. Kroto and Richard E. Smalley the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1996. Natural fullerenes not only has the ability to reduce the concentration of free radicals as no other antioxidant can, but the action is also stronger and lasts longer. This is why we encourage people to bath in and drink fullerene infused water using shungite.


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